I have this conversation a lot, and I want to get it out of my body before my brain explodes.

I also want to acknowledge, first, that there have been veterans/active duty fighters who have succeeded in the UFC — Randy Couture and Tim Kennedy are good examples (but even the drop between the success of Couture and Kennedy is notable).

There are, however, caveats to even those guys. Couture competed as a wrestler before his service, and fought in a very different era of MMA than today. …

Note: This article was originally written in July 2020, following this ODI. It wasn’t published anywhere so I’m uploading it here for portfolio purposes.

With Ireland beating England in Southampton, much focus in the cricket press will be on Stirling and Balbirnie’s mighty respective innings, but a less-discussed story of the day will be 20 year-old Harry Tector.

He walked out to the crease while Ireland needed 65 to win off 50 deliveries. Some viewers despaired. Sending Tector out, in his usual spot on the batting card, meant leaving the veteran Kevin O’Brien and the impressive Curtis Campher sat in…

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, a European Super League might be the best chance left for normal fans to gain a voice in the game.

The Championship, and the wider Football League, is great fun. It is, in my view, where the heart of real football support is in England.

The Football League is what attracted me to football to begin with — the gloss, glamour and overbearing media saturation of the Premier League made it hard to get interested in. But the League, with its rough edges, its culture and its character, sucked me in.

The big boys are incentivised to leave us behind

It’s not fashionable…

Watch Stuart Broad take his 500th wicket against the West Indies

In July 2020, Stuart Broad dismissed the Windies’ Kraigg Braithwaite to take his 500th wicket, in a test match played behind closed doors in Manchester.

What should have been a jubilant, public celebration of the achievements of one of England’s most fearsome and prolific fast bowlers was shared only between his teammates and his father — the sitting Match Referee, watching on from his socially-distanced office.

The 500 club: Broad’s place in the pantheon

The legacies of the bowlers in the 500 club are burned into the memories of cricket fans. Murali’s mastery of variations, McGrath’s inhuman…

My job is almost all writing, and I’m the only person in our company that writes for a living. Before I was full-time at my current post, I was freelance and wrote on my own as well.

I’ve rarely had other writers around to run things past. So I used tools I found online to get instant feedback and catch any problems with my work. Some were useful, some were definitely not.

There are three I still use, and I’ll outline what I like about them here. …

Being isolated during my annual leave has taken its toll. Ran out of work, no holiday to take, no pubs or bars, no sports to watch. So I’ve ended up writing about dumb shit like this, an MS Paint video someone made to go along with a cool synthwave song.

The song, Manhunter by Hexsystem, is great. There’s something mechanical and industrial in there, it makes me think of someone set about a grim task. Its style is reminiscent of the music of 80’s thriller and action films. A distorted, lingering whine of lead synth gives us the sense…

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